The real estate market in Sweden is strange and in particular in Stockholm. It’s like no where else and you’ll be surprised, I can promise that. The real estate agents have managed to create a backwards competition for clients. Rather than trying to find buyers the primary job for a real estate agent in Sweden is finding sellers. The reason for this is that you get tied to one agent when you are trying to sell, they’ll force you into signing a contract making them the exclusive agent for the property. There is no way around this and you’ll have to do that.This is not as bad as it sounds, in any other part of the world it would be but not in Sweden. You see, all flats are sold and there will be buyers, there is no lack of them as they all search themselves in the local listings on Booli and Hemnet. The problem though is that you need to find out beforehand which realtor you want.

There are online real estate offer services

The solution here is to find an offer service and there are a few. Our recommendation is going to Stockholm Real Estate Service and just fill out the form if you have trouble reading the Swedish (they are asking for Name, Email, Phone and the Adress of the apartement/house). What they will do is they will contact all the realtors and ask for a quote for you. They wont charge you anything and you’re not commited to anything (until you actually find and sign with a realtor). Another thing that is important, Swedish law is rather tough on real estate agents and you want to select only from the authorized ones, this service does that.