Visiting Sweden for the First Time

Sweden, a land of enchanting landscapes, rich history, and a unique cultural identity, beckons travelers from around the world. Whether you’re drawn to the pristine natural beauty of the Swedish countryside, the charm of its historic cities, or the allure of its modern innovations, a trip to Sweden promises a memorable adventure. Here’s a glimpse […]

Sunlight like during Swedish summer

There’s no greater moment than the sunlight in Sweden during summer months. The most amazing thing is that during the season, it never gets dark. The experience is something you’ve never seen. In reality, you’ll experience sunlight in 24 hours between late May and, July. Swedish Lapland First-time visitors will enjoy a breath-taking experience while […]

Best time of year to visit Sweden?

This is something that many people wonder about, and the easy answer is simpy: that depends. It depends on what you actually want to do, hope to see and like to experience. Let’s delve a bit deeper shall we? City life If your focus is to experience the urban life of Swedish cities, then the period from […]

Iron Maiden goes to Sweden

Iron Maiden is right in the middle of their The Book of Souls World Tour, and for everyone that happens to be in Sweden this June, they will be performing live in Gothenburg at the Ullevi Stadium Friday June the 17th.Tickets are still available and can be bought, among other places, at, where it’s also […]

Beer in Sweden

Through out history Sweden has been a land where only lager of the brightest kind is served. This has changed though and Sweden is now actually a beer country to merit a place on the map.The last years the Swedes have found an interest in high quality beer and with same intensity that Swedes embrace […]

A small tutorial to the Swedish cuisine

As with any country Sweden has its own kinds of food and ways of preparing it. But do you for instance know what is typically Swedish food and at which times the different meals are eaten? BasicsUsually the first thing that comes up when people think about Swedish cuisine is meatballs. For anyone who doesn’t […]

Selling your flat in Stockholm

The real estate market in Sweden is strange and in particular in Stockholm. It’s like no where else and you’ll be surprised, I can promise that. The real estate agents have managed to create a backwards competition for clients. Rather than trying to find buyers the primary job for a real estate agent in Sweden is […]

Systembolaget – the only store for Alcohol in Sweden

Living in Sweden is sometimes complicated. The Swedish relationship with alcohol is extra strange and it takes its shape as Systembolaget, the only store selling alcohol in Sweden.Every town has one, every city a few and every Swede visits Systembolaget at least a few times per month. This is completely reasonable as that’s the only […]

First of all Stockholm

To most visitors Stockholm is what you think about when you think Sweden. There is good reason for that and even if the country has a lot to offer even outside Stockholm it’s hard to get the capitol out of the mind.The beauty of Stockholm, a city so clearly built on top of water has […]