As with any country Sweden has its own kinds of food and ways of preparing it. But do you for instance know what is typically Swedish food and at which times the different meals are eaten?

BasicsUsually the first thing that comes up when people think about Swedish cuisine is meatballs. For anyone who doesn’t know, it is basically mincemeat made into small balls – thereby its name. Another typically kind of food is the Falukorv who is a bit more unique for Sweden, as well as Filmjölk and Crisp bread.The most common complimenting ingredient to the meals are the potatoes. Other ones commonly used components are the rice, macaroni and spaghetti.  The most common meats in Sweden are most likely chicken and pork. Annually the average swede consumes 15 kilogram of bird meat, 14 kilogram of pork and 10 kilogram of beef. Another typically occurance, especially in the northern part is meat from the moose.Do swedes also have a sweet-tooth you may ask? – Indeed they do! The most common sweet thing must be the cinnamon buns (Kanelbullar). Anywhere you go you can find these little delicaties – even at petrol stations. If there is a birthday coming up I can guarantee that you will also find something with such a fancy name as the princess cake (prinsesstårta). These are not seldom eaten during Fika. Fika could be described as a Swedish social institution. It can take place at home, at a café or any place else possible. Be sure there will be at least fika break per day. Basically it means to see someone for a cup of coffee and a snack/something sweet.TimesCulturally it’s most common with three to four meals daily. And the normal way is to start with a breakfast early in the morning, followed by lunch around mid-day. Dinner which usually is a heavier meal is being eaten in the late afternoon. That is something that might be different for people from other parts of the world as dinner often are eating in the evening there. It is also common to eat something inbetween the lunch and dinner. Except that you can also have in count the manditory coffee breaks.Unexpexted swedish food cultureSweden is commonly associated with food as such mentioned above, but what probably is less known is that a number of foods that origins from other cultures has become part of the Swedish food culture due to its huge popularity. Foods such as kebab, pizza and tacos. As an example you do not rarely hear of something that has almost become like a weekly tradition – taco friday!