This is something that many people wonder about, and the easy answer is simpy: that depends. It depends on what you actually want to do, hope to see and like to experience. Let’s delve a bit deeper shall we?

City life

If your focus is to experience the urban life of Swedish cities, then the period from spring to late summer is absolutely the best time. Many people who travel from more southern countries, and let’s face it, there are a lot of countries farther south than Sweden, would most likely prefer the temperatures reached in these months. 30ºC (86ºF) is considered to be really high during a sunny Swedish summer day.The largest cities in Sweden are found in the southern half and along the coast, but there are cities all the way up to the most northern regions. The further north you travel the better it probably is to wait until summer instead of spring.Stockholm_133005938Hotels are generally not hard to come by even, in smaller cities. Chains like Elite have hotels stretching all across the country and makes it easy to reserve rooms for anyone wanting to do something like a road trip.


Anyone wating to travel to Sweden to ski, is already going to understand that you’d have to travel there in the winter, that much is a given. The snow usually arrives in some of the most popular locations around mid October or early November, and it stays put even in the most southern places well into the following year; skiing in March or April is in no way unusual in Sweden. You can find a lot of information about these at


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Anyone who loves to go hiking in woods and mountains will have no problem finding fantastic places to do this in Sweden. The southern most part is mostly split between cities, small towns and farmland, but the further north you go, the more hilly, mountainous and wooded regions you’ll come across.Since you’re traveling further north it’s again recommended to visit either late spring or during the summer. That way you won’t get as cold when sleeping outside in a tent. can suggest several wonderful hiking trails.skog_54882631