Whether you have already moved to Sweden or are in the process of it, there are obviously a few useful things to be aware of. On this page you will be able to find a few tips that might make your everyday life at least slightly easier if you are aware of them.

Civil registering

When you live Sweden you need to let the state know about it. If you are a citizen within the European union you can make your civil registration from the date of your arrival. This is important because it decides where you are socially insured. The civil registration entitles you medical care at the place you are located.In case you are just staying for a shorter period for work or  such, you do not have to register until after three months.  That is because the state wants you to show that you can make your living.The registration is being made at Skatteverket (The Swedish tax agency).If you are a citizen from a country outside the European union you will have to apply for residence permit if you plan to stay for more than a year.


As a citizen from an EU country you do not need a permission to work here. But you need to register to Försäkringskassan within three months.To get a work-permit if you come from outside the EU there are a few things you need to have in mind before you come to Sweden.You need…

  • A valid passport.
  • To have been offered a job with approved working conditions as well as a collective labor agreement that accords to Swedish standards.
  • Been offered a job with the ekvivalent salary of at least 13 000 SEK pre-tax.
To be granted a workpermit you need to have a job offer before you come to Sweden, and the work-permit needs to be granted before your departure. You can not be granted a permit to just go to Sweden to search for jobs.If you have got a job in Sweden you need to be able to show a few things for Skatteverket.
  • Both your own and the name of your employer.
  • The conditions of employment.
  • A name of a contact person at your workplace.
  • The corporate identity number of the company.


The official language is hardly surprisingly Swedish. However, Swedish people in general are quite good with the English language since it is taught in school since young age of the students.  So do not worry in case you do not know your Swedish yet, you will get far with English. But if you plan to live here permanently it is to prefer to learn it as fast as you can, as your chances of getting a job will increase a lot if you speak the language.


Compulsory school attendance are practiced in Sweden. From the age of seven until the child is sixteen years old. Which basically means elementary school (grade 0-9).If you are planning to study in Sweden you need to show records that you’re escribed as a student at a school. You also need to show an information of admission which shows the the amount of time you are supposed to study. Furthermore you need to ensure that you will be able to make your living for the entire period of time and that you’ are fully covered by a medical insurance.In general as a student in Sweden you start in the morning and finish in the afternoon.

General curiosa

  • Do not underestimate the winter especially if you come from a country with a warmer climate. Do not be surprised if your thermometer shows -20 degrees Celsius  Get yourself some decent clothes.
  • You canot buy alcoholic beverages in normal shops and supermarkets. The Swedish state has monopoly on alcohol to regulate the consumption  If you want to buy it then you need to pay a visit to Systembolaget. You need to be 20 years of age to be able to shop.
  • However, you only need to be 18 years old to buy drinks at a restaurant or a nightclub.
  • If you are in the progress of getting to know Swedish people then remember you can always mention something about the weather in case you run out of topics to talk about.
  • Most Swedes are not very patriotic, but be cautious to say anything bad about his/her favorite sports team.
  • There are no polar bears in Sweden, no matter how far north you get. 😉