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Sunlight like during Swedish summer

There’s no greater moment than the sunlight in Sweden during summer months. The most amazing thing is that during the season, it never gets dark. The experience is something you’ve never seen. In reality, you’ll experience sunlight in 24 hours between late May and, July. Swedish Lapland First-time visitors will enjoy a breath-taking experience while […]

Selling your flat in Stockholm

The real estate market in Sweden is strange and in particular in Stockholm. It’s like no where else and you’ll be surprised, I can promise that. The real estate agents have managed to create a backwards competition for clients. Rather than trying to find buyers the primary job for a real estate agent in Sweden is […]

Systembolaget – the only store for Alcohol in Sweden

Living in Sweden is sometimes complicated. The Swedish relationship with alcohol is extra strange and it takes its shape as Systembolaget, the only store selling alcohol in Sweden.Every town has one, every city a few and every Swede visits Systembolaget at least a few times per month. This is completely reasonable as that’s the only […]